Celebrating, Conservating and Educating (about) African Grey Parrots

Parrot Welfare

There are two aspects to parrot welfare.

The first one involves caring for a pet parrot. This is a vastly different undertaking than caring for a cat or dog. And if you don’t want to require the services of a birdie undertaker, find out all you can about what having a parrot involves. One place to start is our Pet Care page.

The second aspect involves Parrot Conservation: doing all that we can to protect parrots still in the wild. There can be some interesting philosophical dilemmas involved with keeping pet parrots and practising conservation, just as there can sometimes be unavoidable conflicts between animal rights and animal conservation. Both topics are covered on our Parrot Welfare pages.

There is also a short piece about how coffee can hurt parrots – in more ways than one.

I do feel very strongly that anyone who keeps a pet parrot should care deeply about saving wild parrots. We should all be involved, at some level, in working to educate people about parrots; we should also work toward eliminating the illegal trade of wild parrots and the often brutal treatment of helpless birds that goes along with that trade.

You will find links on this site to take you to many other websites that are very good sources of information about how best to care for pet parrots.

There are also many links to sites that can educate you about conservation as well as offering ways to participate in the protection of wild parrots and their habitat.