Celebrating, Conservating and Educating (about) African Grey Parrots

Book Reviews

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This section includes reviews of several books dealing with parrots, along with a few author profiles. Some of the books reviewed are non-fiction; others are fiction, read purely for entertainment.

One word of advice: If you are considering purchasing an African grey or any other parrot, read about it first. Some good starter books include For the Love of Greys, by Bobbi Brinker; The African Grey Parrot Handbook by Mattie Sue Athan & Dianalee Deter; African Grey Parrots: A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual by Maggie Wright; African Grey Parrots, by Nikki Moustaki or, The Essential African Grey by Pam Higdon.

After reading one or more of those books, you can add to your knowledge by reading some of the books reviewed on this site.