Celebrating, Conservating and Educating (about) African Grey Parrots

About the Author

John Geary has been sharing his life with parrots since 1994 when his partner, Ann, brought home the “office parrot,” a Congo African grey named Nikki. Life has never been quite the same, especially when Coco joined the flock in 2001 …

He is a journalist by profession (John, not Coco) and from September 2001, to May 2003, he served as the editor of the Calgary Parrot Club newsletter, Calgary Psittascene. He served as a club executive during that time. He is a member of the World Parrot Trust , the Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary and the African Parrot Society.

His articles featuring pet parrots have appeared in Birds USA , Parrots Magazine, ParrotChronicles.com, Synchronicity, Animal Wellness, Pet Lovers Digest, The African Ark , Pets Quarterly , Synchronicity and The Pet Pages; his articles about other pet issues have appeared in Pet Commerce and Animal Wellness; his articles about birds and other wildlife have appeared in Wildlife Conservation, Airlines Magazine, Where Calgary and Mountain Life. He has also written conservation articles for The Wildlands Advocate, Green Notes, Fast Forward Weekly and CAOC’s Odyssey.

John has also worked two contracts as communications and outreach coordinator for the Alberta Wilderness Association, and has helped conduct media training with Ducks Unlimited Canada.

In June 2002, he took the PIJAC Certified Avian Specialist seminar and passed both the seminar and home study exams, so he is now a C.A.S. He helps out as a volunteer at Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary in Surrey, B.C.

John is also a professional-status member of the Periodical Writers Association of Canada . To learn more about his writing credentials, visit the Bear Lair Communications website.