The Kooky Congos Website: Celebrating, Conservating and Educating (about) African Grey Parrots

” … if you tame me …

You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed …”


– Antoine de Saint Exupery

About us

This website features pictures and stories about John & Ann's two silly Congo African Grey Parrots, Nikki Bird and Coco Puff.

It also features some general information about parrots - their safe keeping, conservation and contacts to help you achieve both.

Neither of us ever thought we'd be "bird people", never mind become part of a parrot/human flock. But Ann's allergies to cat and dog fur, our love for animals and fervent desire to have a pet(s), combined with some rather fortuitous circumstances changed all that, as you will find out if you explore this site further!

This site contains a good mixture of silliness and seriousness. We hope you enjoy the pictures and the stories, as well as the information and essays about pet care and conservation.